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Dirección: 900 Aurora Ave N STE 100, Seattle, WA 98109.
Teléfono: 2062225232.
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Especialidades: Abogado de lesiones personales, Bufete.
Otros datos de interés: Citas en línea, Servicios en el lugar, Entrada accesible para personas en silla de ruedas, Estacionamiento accesible para personas en silla de ruedas, Sanitarios accesibles para personas en silla de ruedas, Sanitario, Se recomienda concertar cita.
Opiniones: Esta empresa tiene 172 valoraciones según Google My Business.
Opinión media: 4.6/5.

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Bernard Law Group 900 Aurora Ave N STE 100, Seattle, WA 98109

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Bernard Law Group es un reconocido bufete de abogados especializado en casos de lesiones personales, ubicado en Seattle, Washington. Su dirección es 900 Aurora Ave N STE 100, Seattle, WA 98109.

Si necesitas contactarlos, puedes llamar al 2062225232 o visitar su página web

Entre sus especialidades se encuentran los casos de lesiones personales, brindando asesoramiento legal experto a sus clientes. Además, ofrecen la posibilidad de citas en línea y cuentan con servicios en el lugar para mayor comodidad.

El Bernard Law Group se destaca por su compromiso con la accesibilidad, contando con una entrada y estacionamiento accesibles para personas en silla de ruedas, así como sanitarios adaptados. Se recomienda concertar cita previa para una atención óptima.

Según Google My Business, esta empresa cuenta con 172 valoraciones, con una opinión media de 4.6/5.

Si estás buscando un abogado especializado en lesiones personales en Seattle, el Bernard Law Group es una excelente opción. Su experiencia, profesionalismo y atención personalizada lo convierten en un referente en el área.

Para recibir asesoramiento legal de calidad y resolver tus dudas, no dudes en contactar con el Bernard Law Group a través de su página web. No esperes más para recibir la ayuda que necesitas

Opiniones de Bernard Law Group

Bernard Law Group - Seattle, Washington
Haley Pope

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I was in a terrible car accident and Bernard Law assisted me through the entire process with the insurance companies. Carly and Megan were wonderful. Caring, Trustworthy, and Professional. With Great communication. I would definitely refer anyone to Bernard law if ever a personal injury lawyer is needed. Megan really helped me and was very understanding to what I was going through and was there to answer any questions I had and took the time necessary to make sure I understood everything. If I could give 100stars I would. Thank you for everything Bernard Law ❤️

Bernard Law Group - Seattle, Washington
Hannah Ford

My partner and I had a very drawn out suit against USPS that took over a year to resolve. Even in the face of all the bureaucracy involved in dealing with such an entity, our attorney, Tom Budinich, saw to it that we receive our settlement. He provided valuable legal advice and his periodic check-ins ensured that we knew this case was still a priority of his, although a resolution was taking longer than expected (due to the nature of dealing with a government entity). Thank you to Tom and his team for all the help.

Bernard Law Group - Seattle, Washington
Elizabeth T

I had a really good experience with Bernard Law Group. I worked with Tom Budinich (Attorney) and Aubrey Lopez (Paralegal)-they were a great team. Aubrey was quick to get back to be me in the beginning and followed up promptly if any documents were missing. I communicated with Tom more in the middle to the end of my lawsuit. My settlement took over a year to settle and that was totally fine because insurance companies are difficult to work with. Tom was very communicative. Even if there weren't any updates to give me, he gave me the occasional call to let me know what is going on and that was reassuring. Note to others going through a lawyer for the first time, they will tell you that things are going to be quiet for a while, so don't take it as they are ignoring you. If you tell them to keep you posted and let them know how many times you would like to call, I promise they will do it. Tom called me a few months ago letting me know the initial settlement, but I was not going to accept it. As bad as I felt for having Tom do more work, he was very enthusiastic about giving my case more time. As of yesterday, this whole thing was solved and I am VERY happy with my settlement. Thanks Tom, Aubrey and BLG for helping me through a very tough time! HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Bernard Law Group - Seattle, Washington
Ian Pleake

Had an excellent experience with Bernard Law Group in what was otherwise a difficult time after a car accident. Tom Budinich was diligent at getting the most for me, keeping me updated and making sure all was taken care of some didn't have to worry. His expertise and ability to explain complex things simply was especially appreciated. Highly recommended.

Bernard Law Group - Seattle, Washington
Haley Austin

We were in a terrible accident, Bernard Law stepped in and helped us seek justice. They helped us with insurance companies, gave us resources we could use and much more. Carly and Meg went above and beyond for us. Always there to answer questions and fought for us, in my opinion you can't find a better law firm to go with. I will highly recommend Bernard Law to my family and friends if it's ever needed.

Bernard Law Group - Seattle, Washington
Sweet BobbyBlu

Gina Guiley!
Thank you so much for all your help and outstanding professional representation! It might have been a small case for a law group, but it was huge to me, and you made me feel it was important to you by giving me frequent updates. Without the help of you and your team at Bernard Law Group, who went above and beyond to help me, I feel I would have been cheated by an Insurance company who would claim my best interests were at hand. You treated me with respect and honesty, your advice, and judgments I rightfully trusted! You have been a great attorney representing me and a patient teacher as well. I greatly appreciated that!
Again, thank you!
A very grateful client!

Bernard Law Group - Seattle, Washington
Soulee T. Fassbind

Meg Wernli is the best! She is thorough and response quickly. She listen and provide answers that you can understand. A very confident and competent lawyer. If you need a lawyer, I highly recommend her.

Bernard Law Group - Seattle, Washington
Tim Goins

As the result of being crashed into by a Maserati I was left with a fractured back (that seems to have healed well) and having to buy a new car. I contacted Bernard Law Group My attorney, Gina and her Paralegal assistant, Renarda were amazing. They were able to get enough back to completely pay for the new car I had to buy plus quite a bit extra. They were also able to get me $10,000 PIP insurance from my own insurance company - which was totally unexpected. This will help if there are further issues from my injury. I would absolutely recommend Bernard Law Group and, in particular, Gina and Renarda.